LifeScribing(TM) - An applied embodied integrated optimised approach to behavioural coaching

LifeScribing(TM) is a process-oriented therapeutic approach created by Alex De Foe in 2016 to incorporate Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) into the behavioural coaching context. It offers simple mechanisms for state assessment and change that have thus far been lacking from most coaching and counselling frameworks.

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Based on 15 years of studying altered states and having earned a PhD on human perception and the feature integration problem Alex has paid particular attention to how consciousness impacts on various mental states. Whilst some modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy already factor mental states into therapeutic and corporate workings — there’s still so much more to explore.

You may like to complete a free 5-session introductory class to understand what the LifeScribe Process offers individuals and professionals. Alternatively you may organise a private one-on-one or group training based on individual or corporate demand.

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